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Wash . Dry . Fold or Hang - $1.99 per pound
(appx. $20 per load)
Washed & Pressed
Laundered Business Shirts - $2.99 each
Pillow Cases - $5.99
Bed Sheet - $21.99
Dry Cleaning
Blouses . Dress Shirts . Pants . Sweaters . Ties - $5.99 each
Jackets . Dresses - $7.99 each 
Heavy Coat - $19.99 each
Long . Heavy . Fancy . Beaded - $2 extra

No delivery fees.
Minimum laundry order 8 lbs.

This form takes less than 2 minutes to complete.
You can also call or text (214) 727-2339 to place an order.
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If you have both laundry and dry cleaning please put them in separate bags.

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Hangers are free. We use them for shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

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* If you need a pick up today please give us a call at (214) 727-2339. These options start tomorrow to next week.

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* We will send you a text message before we get on the road to confirm. Don't worry if your plans change, it is free to reschedule with us.

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* Please allow 24 hours between pick up and delivery.

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* We always send a text message before we get on the road. Pay upon delivery.

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